Monday, April 22, 2013

Me and my good luck!

Hello lovely friends!

We've had a gorgeous day trip yesterday of which I'll tell you all about in a future post. The smile was about to fade from my face since it has been a difficult day at work, when my hubby phoned to let me know that I had mail!

Well, I knew I was expecting something but I had no idea that it would come this fast! It was only a few days ago that Enzie from EnzieShahmiriDesigns send me a convo to say that I was the winner of the giveaway she was hosting in her blog. A lovely lady from Israel, Noa Vider, was giving away one of her amazing shawls!

Lately, although I do my share of sharing (lol) in my friends' contests, I don't have a lot of time to participate to all the giveaways that I learn of. That's a pitty too cause people are giving away amazing things, I'll tell you!!!

I am sure glad I found the time to enter this one! It really is a treat!

First off the shawl came beautifully wraped!

The color IS amazing!!!

 It feels so soft and I really can't wait to show it off!

It can be worn in four different ways, which makes it a must accessory for your wardrobe!
four ways shawl
Do go by Noa's amazing shop here. I promise it will worth your while!

Thank you so much Noa, you've made my day!!!

Smouts for now



  1. Maro, it looks amazing!!!!! Lucky you :) :) :)

  2. Way to go, you lucky girl!! Looks SO stunning and so will you while wearing it, I'm sure ;-))

  3. Thanks girls, I'll make sure to have a photographer standing by when I wear it, ;)

  4. Wow!! it looks amazing!!!!
    We need photos of you modelling!!! :-)

  5. wow...lucky you! I looks amazing but I am 100% sure that it will look even better on me... (big Colgate smile!) :)


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